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Shift Manager at Bitty & Beau's Coffee

"Jess, is very friendly and strives to see our employee Andy A. succeed at his job here at Bitty Beau’s. Me being someone who has a disability myself I honestly wish this company or a company like Speerhead Beyond was around when I was old enough to get a job."


Transition Specialist at Midway ISD

"Even though we are waiting for this service to begin on our campus, I have really enjoyed meeting staff, planning innovative trainings, and now beginning to work together to turn those innovative ideas into reality."




"Speerhead Beyond helped me find employment at a time that I was really struggling. I couldn’t find anywhere to work, and I was able to find work because of Speerhead Beyond. I would still be trying to find a job if it weren’t for Speerhead. My job coach specifically really helped me transition into my job. She helped me be more comfortable when I talked to people and helped me develop confidence to do my job. She also helped me learn my job tasks and implemented accommodations for areas I was struggling in."




"I am getting a lot of help from Jess. She has a helpful attitude. I am learning to make all kinds of coffees, lattes, and smoothies. I am getting better at talking to the customers."


"I am working my dream job and absolutely love it.”

Kevorey had a long-standing job that he really enjoyed and at which he excelled, but COVID led to the business closing.

His dream job was to wash dishes at IHOP, and he was certain about that. Even after being offered the opportunity to work at two other restaurants, he had his heart set on IHOP. And it has lived up to his dreams!

He is now the star of the restaurant, loved by coworkers and supervisors. They often say, “He can never leave us. He is one of us now.”

"Speerhead Beyond has helped me feel more confident and capable to find a job. I was having trouble finding employment so I am very thankful for Speerhead because I would feel stuck without them."

- Shelby

"I enjoyed getting prepared for an interview. Practice completing the form on the computer. It helped when Jessica attended the interview with me because of my brain issues I was more relaxed. Jessica has gone far and beyond to find me place of employment."

- Nicole

"Mitzi’s professionalism and work ethic continually build her credibility. She is good at presenting information clearly, concisely, and in a way that is easily understood."

- R. G.

"You are detailed and complete, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed. You provide me with the necessary levels of information, without burdening me with information. Keep up the excellent work."

- S. VanderHulst


"Savannah is the best she went out of her way to be helpful a good example of that is where the Amazon teen that was placing tape for my walking cane. Savannah completed their work and she didn't have to."


"Speerhead (Mitzi and Jess) have brainstormed ideas with me and strategized job ideas that would fit my needs and wants. They have helped me narrow down my thoughts and ideas in finding employment. It has been a process, but they have my best interests at heart and finding the right worksite takes time for anyone but especially people who require accommodations. They have been committed to finding me the right placement which I have really appreciated."


"They have helped me with finding a job. They have also helped me with my interview skills and answering questions. I am very thankful for Speerhead Beyond because they have helped me a lot."

"Jessica helped me a lot especially with the interview. I was really nervous and she helped me find the right words. When I started working, she helped me meet the people and form work relationships to help me when I am on my own."

- Heaven

"Speerhead has helped me with my confidence. Until I get another job, I have been working at a restaurant. Ms Jess helped me learn how to advocate for myself at work which has made things better. She is also trying to get me a job at GameStop which is my dream work place."

- Illayana

"Mitzi, You were the one C. felt most comfortable with and the one she felt cared the most...I just want to say thank you for being there for her when she felt there weren't too many other people she could turn to.“ "

- R. Wright, parent

"Mitzi maintains a positive attitude at all times and particularly during periods of high stress."

- R. G., Ernst & Young


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Meet Carson

Meet Carson

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